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About the company:

AL SAFFAR SARL is a Lebanese software developer firm, yes we are new company in this field but with our powerful experts developers we are one of the leaders of the software development market.
Our developers have 20+ years’ experiences in the software developments using multi development tools from Microsoft and others 

Our Goals: 

As you know the programming is the world’s language now, grow fast and manage a lot of things that before you need a lot of worker peoples to manage it.
We, in AL SAFFAR SARL focusing to create unique solutions that no one have it or didn’t have like our features.
User friendly, smoothness, flexibility and strength are gathered in our software and that exactly what our clients need.  

Our Team:

With our local and international team we able to develop anything matching with our clients what aspire.
The huge experiences of our team allow us to create many stylish, creative and smart products, that the others don’t able to do it, also with this experience we can win a lot of time to develop many projects in same time. 

Programming tools:

The others using the standard programming tools from Microsoft, and all them projects is limitation, no big change, slow update & upgrade, costly, tiring, etc…
With our programming tools, our team always is happy, enjoying and able to develop multi projects in same time, this powerful tool allow us to grow faster than the standard and usually creating the newest service to our clients.  

After Sale Service: 

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